Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Meet Sam!

Name: Samuel aka Sam, Sammer, Samster
Age: 6 months
Favorites Things: milk, bouncing, open mouth kisses, daddy tickles, bath time, peekaboo, eating his toes, taking selfies
Least Favorite Things: long car rides, the attention being on someone else, long days at work with mommy
Newest Trick: Sitting up
Looking forward to: crawling, finding his perfect LBF "berry goodnight" diaper

Image Ministries Photography. Thank you Lexi!

Meet Milly!

This is little Miss Milly. She is 9 months young and full of spunk! She is a tiny little girl, but never lets that stop her. She is already walking and loves to explore. Her favorite food is apples, but she still has no teeth! She loves to dance around to music with mommy and daddy. She makes friends with any kid she sees and loves to give kisses. Milly loves her cloth diapers; her favorite is the owls in the rain.

Photo Credit goes to https://www.facebook.com/imageministriesphotography?fref=ts

Image Ministries Photography. Thank you Lexi!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meet Ariz

Hi, I'm Ariz and I'm 16 months old. I give the best hugs and kisses. I love to sing Let it Go and yell MaaaMaaa at the top of my lungs. My favorite toy is the remote and I love to hide it from my Mom and Dad! If you're cooking, I'm eating, If you really want to impress me, Feed Me Watermelon! My favorite shows are Paw Patrol and Frozen. My Favorite Diaper is my LBF Navy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fitted! 

Meet Fayeleigh

likes: My sister, my pet doggie and kitty, FOOD, trying to walk, bath time, and swimming
dislikes: not being held, being told no, and nap time
Favorite diaper: cupcakes! loves music! 13 months old Fun and energetic, playful and smart!

I like to call miss thang "Fay Fay"

Meet Maddux

Maddux Ryan
Maddux loves long walks by the park, chocolate milk, and macaroni and cheese.
His favorite colors are red and green
He loves to sing and dance along with Daniel Tiger
and is currently obsessed with all things Shopkins
He's dislikes when bath time is over and having to clean up after himself.

We think Mr. Maddux is great and we love his zeal for life.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Meet Lottie

Lottie Rose Age: 1 (she just turned 1 September 8th) She loves sleeping with mommy, splashing in the bathtub and playing outside. She has 12 teeth already and eats anything she can get her hands on! She's such a happy baby and always has a smile for anyone she meets. And she's a total mommas girl.

She is the sweetest little girl and pretty much all smiles.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Meet Joyce

Joyce Margot aka Bebe 1 year old Loves all things animal. Gives hugs to every stuffed animal she meets. Favorite diaper: LBF seven dwarves cover Favorite song: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

She waves at everyone and has never met a stranger. She's bubbly and sweet, demanding and strong.

She is just the sweetest little girl. And Spunky!